Our professional staff strives to care for your pet in the most thorough, holistic, integrative and compassionate manner possible.

We emphasize preventive medicine and client education.  Our animal care hospital has a full complement of veterinary services, integrative and  holistic treatments.

Preventive Medicine: Health examinations, vaccinations, heart worm testing, blood and urine analysis as well an ECG are recommended annually.

Routine Surgeries:  We perform all routine procedures and most as out-patient procedures so that the patient returns home the same day.

Genetic testing: For mixed breeds to determine their heritage.

Rehabilitation therapy, TCVM (traditional Chinese veterinary medicine), spinal manipulation, massage,  laser, acupuncture  and herbal treatments: For acute and chronic muscle or joint injuries. For active dogs that are in show, agility, barn hunts, nose work dock diving, lure coursing, and more. 

Vaccination Titers: To determine which vaccinations are needed without over vaccinating the patients.

Allergy Testing:  Our animal care veterinarians do testing for chronic scratching and licking due to allergies. 

Dental Care: Prophylactic cleaning, polishing, and preventive care.

Radiology and Ultrasound: We provide soft tissue and orthopedic diagnostics.

OFA and Penn Hip screening. Penn Hip screening is an accurate determination if there is hip joint laxity which leads to hip dysplasia.

Acupuncture and Herbal Treatments:  Dr. Kusba is certified in acupuncture and herbal therapy, massage Tui-na therapy by the Chi Institute. She is also trained in, food therapy and palliative care treatments for healing. Dr. Patchett is certified in spinal manipulation treatment.

Behavior Counseling: We address puppy and kitten adaptation problems and adult behavior problems.

Nutrition Counseling: We carry a variety of natural and prescription diets. Our knowledgeable staff can help you with nutrition questions and home made recipes of fresh whole foods.

Microchip Identification: To reduce the chance of losing your pet, we offer Microchip implants.


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "We are so thankful for the care and patience provided by Care Animal Clinic. We had a very shy and fearful foster pup who could not be handled easily. The staff took at least 30 minutes out of her day to sit on the floor and slowly acclimate our pup to her touches. Most other offices I've been to have not been willing to go through the effort to make dogs comfortable like that. I would highly recommend Care Animal Clinic to anyone whether your pup is friendly or if they need a little special help like ours did."
    Carolyn S.