• The Essential Guide to Dog Harnesses: Ensuring Proper Fit and Functionality
    the significance of choosing the right dog harness, ensuring a proper fit to avoid discomfort such as dermatitis and pressure on the spine, selecting appropriate harnesses for different activities, and exploring the benefits of the gentle leader style for enhanced control during walks. Read more
  • Slimming Down Missy Kitty! Losing the Winter Weight.
    Learn how to help your cat shed excess pounds and improve their health with our comprehensive guide to feline weight loss. From understanding body condition scores to implementing dietary changes and exercise routines, we've got you covered. Read more
  • Annual Exam for Eye Health
    Regular eye exams are essential for maintaining your pet's overall health and well-being. Detecting issues early can prevent serious diseases from developing. Eye discharge is a common concern, particularly for pets with longer hair, leading to matting and potential dermatitis. Proper care, including daily cleaning and occasional hair clipping, can help prevent complications. Signs of irritation, such as increased blinking or squinting, should be addressed promptly. Infections may require sterile eye wash, and precautions, like minimizing wind exposure during car rides, can protect your pet's eyes. At the first sign of eye trouble, seeking advice from veterinary professionals is crucial Read more
  • Invigorating Techniques for Cat Massage
    Step into the world of invigorating cat massage through our latest video, where we explore the art of pampering our feline friends. Discover the soothing techniques of patting, rubbing, and back hair combing designed to offer relaxation and wellness benefits to your beloved cats. **Body:** Cat massage is not only relaxing but also therapeutic. In previous videos, we have covered techniques like face massages, body massages, and muscle massages aimed at providing relaxation and relieving pain points. These invigorating massages can be a standalone practice or used in conjunction with other massage forms. Watch out for subtle signs from your cat, such as moving closer, rubbing their face against you, or vocalizing their desire for attention, indicating they may benefit from additional invigoration. The skin roll technique gently elevates the skin from underlying tissues, releasing tension in the cutaneous trunci muscle and promoting lymphatic drainage and nerve stimulation along the spinal cord. Patting, whether done with a single or double hand motion along the back to the pelvic region, is often a favorite among cats. Follow it up with a skin ruffle to create a calming effect akin to the whole body shaking. Close the session with a gentle tail lift, providing a soothing conclusion to the massage experience. **Conclusion:** Delve into the world of cat massage to enhance your feline companion's well-being and deepen the bond you share. By incorporating these techniques into your routine, you can create moments of relaxation and connection that benefit both you and your beloved cat. Read more
  • Tiny Bubbles Causing Gas Distension in Dogs and Cats: Indigestion Woes
    Discover how seemingly harmless gas bubbles can lead to indigestion, bloating, and serious gastrointestinal issues in dogs and cats. Learn about the symptoms, potential causes, and proactive measures to manage and prevent discomfort and complications. Read more
  • Helping your Dog to Thrive: Preventing Separation Anxiety. Tips to Prevent Separation Anxiety in Dogs
    Tips to prevent separation anxiety in dogs. Managing and prevention of unwanted behaviors when alone at home. Read more
  • Measuring your Dog or Cat's Heart Rate at Home.
    To measure your pet's heart rate at home here are a few suggestions. Start by being in a calm state and comforting your cat or dog, either in your lap or in a safe area that they can relax. For the heart rate, placing a hand under the chest wall behind the front legs. Thumb on one side and fingers on the other. Light pressure in and out close to the elbows will pick up the beat of the heart between the ribs. Read more
  • It's Dental Month! Show Us Your Pearly Whites!
    Dental issues, such as plaque buildup, gingivitis, and periodontal disease, can be common among pets and can lead to various health problems if left untreated. Read more
  • End of Life Care, Palliative Care
    End of life care, referred to as palliative care, can be life sustaining in a meaningful way. This may require management strategies. Read more
  • Do you Love me?
    Dogs in a household may have disagreements in their relationship. That can be normal or may turn sour. Read more
  • Love Means Trimming Cat Nails Monthly
    Nail trimming monthly is the love language for a healthy cat. trimming keeps the feet healthier allowing for normal movement. Long nails can be a cause of lameness in cats. long nails may lead to injuries and arthritis. Read more
  • Pain at the pubis due to muscles attachments.
    Rear leg lameness may be caused by pain at the pubis. Read more
  • Foot Pad Care
    Comfort starts with the feet, reducing lameness, licking and chewing. Topical products are available to soften crusting areas. It is also possible to make your own salve. Read more
  • Fleas! How to find and identify them.
    Those darn fleas and infestations can start up so quickly.  Outdoor activities can bring them in. Before you know it, they are on the dogs, cats and humans.  How to find Read more
  • Firework Season, how to minimize the reactions.
    It is fireworks season. For those dogs that react adversely to the noise, an IPod Shuffle can reduce the adverse reactions. To view   Read more
  • The first returning monarch of 2016.
    Have you planted some milkweed today?  June 9th marks the first monarch in our garden this year. After the migration to Mexico for the winter, the spring youngsters forge their way north to summer Read more


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