For a more holistic and integrative approach to handling of your feline friend, practicing using the carrier many times before going to the vet or airport.  Getting your cat to an appointment can be stressful, making it seem routine will make it a normal activity.  To make the event more enjoyable for all, we have a few suggestions.


  • Keep the cat carrier in the house as part of the cat furniture.
  • Use treats and toys inside the carrier to encourage kitty to enter.
  • You can use the pheromone spray Feliway on the bedding at least 30 minutes prior to departure.
  • If kitty if prone to motion sickness, let us know for dosing an antihistamine or the like to prevent nausea.
  • Add fresh cat nip to the carrier prior to departure.
  • Practice closing the carrier so that it is a normal activity not a sign we are leaving the safety of the house. 
  • Practice being in the car and driving a short distance and then back home. 


  • Don't bring the carrier out of storage the day of the car trip. It will be a sure way to get kitty to hide under the bed.

If needed, we can also do a house call as an appointment.

Cat Massage Head to Tail

Extra Cat Care

Cat Massage Message Roll

Keeping Cats Cool and Groomed

Dust Bath for a Cat. An ancient practice of felines, it is used to reduce oils and remove loose hair. For feral cats and felines of the wild, it reduces parasites of the skin. Cats seem to be extra happy post dust baths.  

Cat Jumps Through Hoop! Cats love to learn. Keeping the mind agile and engaged in new adventures in the home. Learning is one of the best enrichment technique we can use for a healthier and long life span for our cats. The low jumps can help assess mobility of aging cats. 

Nail Trimming is a must for the indoor cats. Having multiple styles of cat scratch areas helps with nail health. The nail trim when practiced routinely can be a stress free activity. 

Giving Oral Medications to a Cat. It is most likely at some point you will need to medicate your cat. They are not as willing to take medicine in foods or treats. Handling the head and practicing opening the mouth will make the one day need for pilling much easier. Practicing  safe and stress free techniques will be worth the effort as your cat ages. 

Living With Cats With Claws.  Cats can be encouraged to use their cat scratch areas in place of the furniture. Using packing tape over furniture edges may be needed if a bad habit has started. 

Back Stretch for a cat. We all need a good stretch every day. A long back stretch feels good and will help notice if there is a change in mobility of the spine. The cat/cow movement of the spine is recommended for us and also our feline friends. 

Enrichment for the indoor cat can be fun for us and healthy for the indoor cats. It can feel like play and hunting, necessary skill for our cats to get them moving. The need to stalk and pounce are innate skill of the felines. 


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "We are so thankful for the care and patience provided by Care Animal Clinic. We had a very shy and fearful foster pup who could not be handled easily. The staff took at least 30 minutes out of her day to sit on the floor and slowly acclimate our pup to her touches. Most other offices I've been to have not been willing to go through the effort to make dogs comfortable like that. I would highly recommend Care Animal Clinic to anyone whether your pup is friendly or if they need a little special help like ours did."
    Carolyn S.